Welcome to 6th ICMB

Plenary Speakers

    Yoh Iwasa is a professor of biology at Kyushu University, Japan. He received PhD from Kyoto University (Theoretical Biophysics) in 1980. After postdoctoral studies at Stanford and Cornell, he joined the faculty of Department of Biology, Kyushu University in 1985. Dr Yoh Iwasa started his carrier in the theoretical study of ecology, evolution, and animal behavior, including the evolution of mate preference, the dynamics of tropical forests, and social-ecological coupled dynamics for ecosystem management. More recently he has also been working on biological rhythm, cancer, development, and immune system, as well as cultural/social studies. He has repeatedly found that the same mathematical and computational methods are applicable to diverse branches of biology, and similar concepts are able to give insights in different subfields of life sciences. Director, Institute of Advanced Study Kyushu University (since 2010). FHM of American Academy of Arts and Sciences (since 2006). Co-Chief-Editor of Journal of Theoretical Biology (since 2005), and the editorial boards of numerous ecology and mathematical biology journals, including Journal of Mathematical Biology, Bulleting of Mathematical Biology, Theoretical Population Biology, Mathematical Biosciences, Evolutionary Ecology Research, Theoretical Ecology, Plant Ecology, and 12 journals.. Laureates of the Akira-Okubo prize of Society for mathematical biology /JSMB (2017), the Ecological Society of Japan award (2003), and Motoo-Kimura memorial prize of SCSJ (2003). For a list of publications, check Yoh Iwasa at Google Scholar Citations.